We have three beautiful studios for hire with certain availability – all with their own unique character and features. See below more information on each, along with images and pictures.

Choose the studio you are interested in and check our live schedule. You can book directly using the calendar or simply get in touch with us directly on – this method is recommended if you would like to organise a long-term booking. Rates are displayed on the calendar based on hours. a 10% discount can be provided on standard hourly rates for long-term rental agreements. Terms and Conditions apply

We can help! Not only do we provide the space, but we can also provide multiple other things including Entertainment, Performances, Party Equipment, Catering Equipment and more! We usually recommend hiring Studio 1 for this purpose due to it having the best amenities. Simply check the schedule (and book your slot) then take our Special Event booking quiz below to confirm additional things you may want to make your event extra special! Otherwise,
simply email us on or call us to discuss in person ❤️

Studio 1

Our main Studio – Studio 1 – has fantastic high ceilings which are wooden and has lots of light coming through from windows running all the way down each side. See below key features:

  • Size: 14.55m x 10.4m (151 Square Meters)

  • Chairs Available
  • Water Fountain
  • Tarkett Professional Dance Flooring

  • Mirrors on one wall (10m width. Mesh covers available)
  • Music Player with BT connection
  • 4 x Large Fans (No Aircon)
  • Multiple Crash mats available (additional hire charges)
  • Ballet Bars (static and Moveable)
  • Sparkle Photowall
  • Indoor and Outdoor Waiting area for Customers including seating and viewing windows

  • Crowd Barriers
  • Disco Lights / Laser Light
  • Disco Ball
  • Reception Area (Bags, coat, shoe storage)
  • Wheel Chair Accessible

  • PRICE: $45ph (multi-hour discounts available!!!)

Studio 2

Studio 2 is the smallest and lowest ceiling height of our studios. It is a cozy space. There are low-level supporting beams that run the ceiling that can hold handing equipment. There is a small kitchen area externally along with a seating area outside and dedicated toilets.  See below key features:

  • Size: 7.25 x 7.5m (54meter Square)

  • Chairs Available
  • Water Fountain
  • Mirrors on one wall (6m width)

  • Music Player with BT connection
  • 2 x Large rotating Fans (No Aircon)

  • 5 x 5cm circular black Crash mats available / Multiple Yoga mats (additional hire charges)

  • Sprung Wooden Tap Floor (Painted)

  • Ballet Bars down back blue wall (static only)

  • Neon and Beam mood lighting (colour changeable)

  • Reception / Kitchen Area (Bags, coat, shoe storage)

  • Mounted Whiteboard

  • Wheel Chair Accessible

  • PRICE: $35ph (multi-hour discounts available!!!)

Studio 3

Studio 3 has the most charm out of all of our studios, with high ceilings and full wooden wall coverings.  See below key features:

  • Size: XXX x XXX (XX meter Square)

  • Chairs Available
  • Water Fountain
  • Multiple Moveable Dance Mirrors

  • Portable Large Music Speaker with BT connection

  • Multiple rotating ceiling Fans (No Aircon)

  • Ballet Bars down back blue wall (Fixen and movable bars available)

  • Outdoor Waiting Area (Overhead cover) for customers

  • Moveable Large Whiteboard

  • *NO* Wheel Chair Access

  • PRICE: $45ph (multi-hour discounts available!!!)