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Parents, get ready to witness pure holiday magic unfold before your eyes and in the hearts of your little stars!

It’s time to mark your calendars for an extraordinary end-of-year celebration in our main studio 1 at DanSing!  We’re throwing a fabulous Christmas extravaganza to honor and celebrate the incredible journey your children have had with us throughout 2023.

And guess what? It’s a FREE EVENT for all the young talents and their families! ????✨ We want everyone to join in the festive cheer, revel in the joyous atmosphere, and share in the pride of their accomplishments. While it’s free, we’re inviting parents to consider a small donation, supporting our effort to make this celebration extraordinary and memorable (simply click the ‘website’ link to the right if feeling generous ❤️). ✨

But wait, there’s more excitement awaiting!  We’re hosting a ‘bring a plate’ feast! We invite each family to contribute a delightful treat for everyone to enjoy. Let’s create a festive feast together and relish in the joy of sharing.

Now, here’s where the magic really happens—encourage your little ones to don their most enchanting Christmas costumes! ✨ The most festive, creative outfit will snag an amazing prize!

Save the Date & Time: 2:30 PM on the Last Day of Term

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerising angelic singing of heartwarming Christmas carols performed by our incredibly talented young singers!

Spread the joy! Extend this heartwarming invitation to friends of our students—let’s make this a memorable gathering before the holiday break!

This is the perfect chance for your kids to share the stage with their dance buddies one last time before the year ends. Let’s make memories, celebrate their achievements, and send off this year with laughter and dancing! ✨

✨ Additionally, parents, capture these magical moments forever!✨ We’ll be photographing this enchanting event, immortalising the joy and cheer shared by all. However, we understand that some families might prefer to keep their child’s identity private. If you wish for your child’s participation to remain anonymous in the event’s photographs, please feel free to speak with our staff. Your comfort and your child’s privacy are our top priorities as we create everlasting memories together. ✨


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