"...Keeping kids kids and giving them the best of everything..."

Parent Information

School Motto

Keeping kids, kids and giving them the best of everything.



School rules at Dansing are formulated with the emphasis on the care and safety of the individual and the acceptance of the rights of others.The number of rules is kept to a minimum and it is policy to encourage each individual to exercise self-discipline, common sense and co-operation.
Everyday courtesy and a high standard of behaviour are expected of students. These reflect a pride in self, school and family.
  • All students must wear the correct attire in classes at all times (see uniforms).
  • No chewing gum or bubble gum is allowed in classes.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in classrooms.
  • No eating or drinking with the exception of water is allowed whilst students are in costumes. 



Girls Dansing uniform (available at the office)
Appropriate footwear for dance class e.g. jazz shoes, ballet shoes or tap shoes.
Hair must be in a bun at all times.


Boys Dansing uniform (available at the office)
Appropriate footwear for dance class e.g. jazz shoes, ballet shoes or tap shoes.
Hair must be neat and tidy.


Fees are kept as low as possible, but must be set to balance the budget. Fees are payable in advance.
Prior to the start of each term all parents will be sent an account for that term. When paying the fees via the internet please use your surname and/or invoice number as the reference. Fees paid by cheque or cash must be handed into the office to either Mr Green or Ms Karen with your name clearly marked on the sealed envelope. If required, a receipt will  be issued. No responsibility will be accepted for any money paid in any other manner. Fees can also be sent to Dansing Pty Ltd P.O. Box 88 Wavell Heights Qld 4012.
If you have not paid your fees by the third week of term and the parent has made no communication to the Office Administration the student will not be allowed to participate in class. Please talk to us if you are having trouble meeting your fee payment.
As fees are calculated on a term basis there will be NO REFUND FOR DAYS ABSENT.
If you have any queries regarding fees, please call our Office on 3217 6611.


Please make it a point to be on time for all classes as late arrivals disrupt the class for other students.
For the younger students please make sure that you walk your child into the appropriate classes and pick up at the same points.
Students must be collected promptly at the end of classes, as otherwise unnecessary distress is caused to children who are left waiting. Also our teachers often have other working commitments and it makes it difficult for them if parents are continuously late.


Dansing Pty Ltd holds a spectacular annual concert in December each year.  This is the one and only time of the year that you will be asked to pay for a hire fee for any costumes.
If your child will not be participating in the concert then you must let us know, preferably before the end of July.

Production Fee:

Additional to the hiring of the costumes is the Production Fee. This is a once a year fee which goes towards the cost of props, the hiring of the venue for rehearsal, the sound and light people involved in running the performances and any recordings that are necessary.
Again we aim to keep this to a minimum, in previous years the Production Fee has been $45.00 per child.
All students will be asked to participate in a recording of ensemble sections of the concert, this is done to ensure a high quality of sound in their performance and allows them the opportunity to work with professionals within the recording industry.
This is a performance of high standard and as such tickets are purchased at an amount suitable to the venue, typically between $20.00 and $30.00.  Students performing in the concert are not required to purchase a ticket however all other family members are.
The students and teachers put in an enormous amount of time and energy into this annual production. Support and encouragement from family members and friends can only enhance the performance of our future stars. We encourage the students to have pride in their work and invite as many audience members as possible.
As with most professional performances in theatres no cameras or videos are allowed. A professional video of the concert will be offered for sale to keep the memories alive.


During the year students have the opportunity to perform at various outside functions. These functions vary, some are open to all students of the school, while for others the Principal of the school will pick students depending on what the performance requires, e.g. number of students needed, age of students required by the client, etc.
All students who are involved in any outside performance are required to attend ALL REHEARSALS and must WEAR their DANSING UNIFORMS to and from all venues.


Newsletter: Periodic newsletter will be distributed.
Notices: We email all notices and term fee accounts.
Notification of Change: Please ensure that any change to information recorded about a student on the initial information form (e.g. contact numbers, address) are to be reported to the Office Administrator.
Please Note: If you have any problems or questions on any performances please contact the Principal, Mr Green, who is more than happy to talk with you.